Friday, 29 January 2016

Two sides of the same coin

Reaching home after a week in the wilderness (LOL) is nice. You learn to appreciate the luxury that you missed. You learn to take more concern and spend even greater attention of the little details you have been excluded of, while being deep hidden from urbanization.

The great thing is when you are able to accommodate and live life in these both diverse worlds. When you lack in something or feel the emptiness of the missing source of comfort and luxury, you find hospitality and warmth in the smiles and little things in life. You find joy in sharing conversations with people you barely know, but slowly you find a connection and as it keeps getting warmer and serene, you want to keep it with you. Every moment is cherished and transcending love from these little acts give you more reason and purpose to where you are.

And while you reach home, to the usual luxuries and comfort of your usual routine, you see things more vividly. You take it more seriously and you learn to keep in touch, not forgetting every moment of it, because you know that one day, you will leave it for the other world where these things lack. You turn on the tap and you know it isn’t rain water, it creates gratitude. You lie on your bed and you see it has springs, an extra pillow and a comforter, it creates serenity. You walk out your house and you see a road and dry land, it creates security. Every moment here when you have the advantage over those who do not, you simply want to take it all in as much as you can before it goes away.

I don’t mean to say that I am favouring one over the other. I have grown to like and love these places – the two opposites of coin. One that lacks so much but abundant with warmth and hospitality and one that flairs over luxury but with a sense of gratitude and security. Is it too much to ask if this is what I want forever? Is it unfair to those out there who do not even see the light of day or the colours in their meals? Is it selfish to think that you are so comfortable in both worlds while there are those out there who do not even have a roof over their heads, let alone a mattress to call bed?

Above all, I think it really does not matter how much or how far we differ from one another. You may not have a chair to sit, but you have grown to love the earth more than a mere industrialist who chops down trees for the sin of greed. You may not have the comfort of technology but I know you have the blessings of nature to live on.

You see, we are all different. And being put in different places teaches us so many different things. But to compare one another, feeling envious, greed and satisfaction only creates despair. And despair leads to unhappiness, luring us to more unforgiving living conditions. Soon, we grow to hate life, the people around us and lastly, we grow to hate ourselves.

Just a thought, appreciate what you have and joy will come to you. 

Living is never real without our-lacks and reality is never true without what we call life.

Good night. Adios.