Friday, 29 January 2016

the problem with connectivity and moving things!

25-Jan 11.20pm

finally, the connection came! yes!! i tell you, to get a decent 20% line feels even better than having a whole platter of cheezy wedges for you. yes, we are all so dependent in this world of invisible connectivity. Just being able to load the Google homepage itself feels so much relieving. Truly, we have all been fed so much of this data transfer, bytes uploading fetishes and unlimited resources of so much more than what we actually need. 

Truth be told, yes, i can literally die without connectivity. But, i really am thankful for this. 

So, the next thing, as promised, the beginning of what i am about to live for the next i-don't-know-how-long stay here. You should have the seen the things packed! People staring, wondering if this person is really moving an entire house or just his personal belongings. But excuse me, the following is what i brought and let me see if you think this is actually A HOUSE or PERSONAL BELONGINGS.

1) clothes ( now this comprises of my formal wear, sports wear, leisure wear AND at-home wear. look, i need to look right for the different places, events that i am in. you seriously don't expect me to wear a skirt to sleep, do you? ok wait, a skirt? LOL)

2) pillow (ONE ONLY) and a THIN mattress

3) a bag for a cup, a tupperware with cutleries, my Nescafe fix, a tissue role, and a plastic bag

4) a 3L water container, because the place i am in uses rain water for most necessities, and you can forget it, i am not doing it. WAIT, we just had dinner. *GULPS*

4) toiletries 

and that's it!!! 

so, an entire house? or personal belongings?  


I really want to give you more on my school, where is it and how is it, but i don't think this can go on any longer. I am too exhausted. haha! so my NEXT post will be about my school! :D 

But for today, let me just show you what was served for dinner- a celebratory feast! 


  1. That is so much lesser than what I brought over just for practicum!

  2. That is so much lesser than what I brought over just for practicum!