Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Leading a leader

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a dear friend. And as we usually talk on many things, things that sometimes divert from our original topic, one of it led to what makes us a leader. And as we talked on, the topic became so much more interesting. There were so many ways of looking at it and each time it gets us thinking. Is this what we had in mind? Is this what we want? Is this how we are going to do things?

And so what makes us a leader?

Surely you cannot just think about being able to make decisions or even have an influential command that inevitably puts you in a higher order position and control over the rest. Yes, that does make us look like one. But is that what we seek in a leader? Is that what we really want out of a leader? Is that what that puts our hope, vote and support?

Sometimes, a leader is only as simple as an ordinary member of the group. He takes no chances nor takes no risk in altering that regard. He does not see one below him nor does he give commands or instruction. He plays twice as hard and thrice as diligent in his work. Ethics become his way of living; from the way he does anything, speaks anything or even simply anything. You see, status, regard and acknowledgement does not make you a leader. Sadly, in the eyes of those who see otherwise, principles without judgement and evaluation become a law, despite being unjust.  And as such laws is prevailing, a true leader is disguised among those who do not do well or simply unfit. They become so few or rather unseen, those who work underground and from the bottoms without being paid much attention or acknowledgement. They choose to accept whatever that comes and try to make the best out of it.

But then, does that count for a leader? In the face of those who are unfit or perhaps inexperienced, let alone young and immature, can one truly lead? So what if a king has footmen who are true warriors in battles? And what about the king? He seeks direction, adopts approaches, fulfilling what is the majority. Does that make him a leader? Does he get to rule his kingdom? Sadly, this is what I see, perhaps to what we talked about.

But again, everyone has to start at some point. We all have to learn to become one. To catch a fish, we learn to throw nets, and to shoot a bird, we learn to hold a gun. To steer a ship, we learn to read the weather, and to bake a cookie, we learn to measure ingredients. Only that sometimes, out of luck, or in what I see, out of unjust inappropriate assumptions and decisions, we skip a beat and move up the ladder. And yes, what do we do from below?

Aren’t we one kingdom? Aren’t we all under one umbrella that keeps us dry and cool? And so, do we betray that? Do we rekindle arguments or set ablaze our dissatisfactions?

Sometimes, a leader is not seen from a position. He is seen from what he does. And yes, the eyes of men mostly see those who hold the crown rather than who polishes it. We have grown to be accustomed of such customs. But worry not. We do not live for the eyes of men nor their predominantly socially influenced decision criteria. We only live to seek the love of God and we only strive to become better than we were a minute ago.

That already makes us a leader, by taking charge of our lives.

Dear friend, do not cry over things that are not fair. Do not fret over decisions that could have been better. Because no matter what, like I said, it is the impact that makes us different from one another, even from a leader.

I know you will do well.

Good luck.