Friday, 29 January 2016

Delayed posts, ignore dates posted!

26-Jan 6.31am

So, I have finally come to a conclusion that I may not be having connectivity for the next few days. Oh god! How cruel! I mean, it does get connected, well the phone has to be put outside the place I am living in, and from there, I sit about 20 feet away to get the connection. While it is amazing that i can actually load the homepage at an EPICLY 3-5 minutes, loading images, sites and links have become a tremendous wait.
So, knowing this, I will be writing OFFLINE, and over the weekends, when I actually return to civilization, Hahaha! I shall upload my posts. Ok, civilizations sounds very demeaning! Perhaps, when I actually return to “connectivity-friendly location”. LOL.
Hence, as much awaited, the journey to my school started off with a drive from home to the jetty in Kuala Sepetang, Perak

This is the jetty, taken from inside of a tourist boat. In other words, I took it while in the boat.

It seems to me, this place is aged so much so that everything has become a mundane ritual. From the street-selling earners to lorries carrying ice boxes, really OLD man sitting down shirtless smoking cigars, cigarettes with either the local Chinese liquor or even coffee and everyone else living out their daily lives.

It took less than 15 minutes before the engine started and boy as we cruised, I felt so “pedalaman”,like I’m actually in some rural crocodile infested rivers and monkey-ganged forests! Haha! So much of a Safari ride!

The big boxy rounded roof building over there is the same building as the one in the picture above, only this was taken when the boat actually left.

During the almost 20-25minute boat ride into the unknown-never-i-reaslised-such-a-place-existed realm, many slightly scenes were also observed. I wished I had a better camera to capture those moments. But for now, a phone camera would do. well, we’re talking about the 8MP Iphone camera, so yeah, you and your android nothing-ness can go someplace else. Haha!

God knows what things actually reside behind those greenery. But it did look very calm! This was taken around 6.15pm (25-Jan).

Some mini village also spotted at another part of the ride. I am not too sure if that is actually a settlement or some resting-check point for boats and fishermen.

 Thus, the school came to view as we touched down Kuala Sangga! The next boat ride, I will remember to take a shot of how this settlement looks like! A very long, about 300-500meters stretch of wooden houses, coffee houses, temples and more abandoned houses. I shall do another post on that soon. When I actually get the pictures to it!

But yeah, this is SJKC Poay Chee, the school I got assigned to. This is the only block where classes take place. Right opposite this building, across the basketball court which is now looking like some construction site is this! (Picture below)

That is the library. A totally separated building on stilts at the river side. (I don’t even know if this is a river, or some sea, ocean water thing! Haha)

Reminds me so much of IPBA, the only teacher training institute whose library is separated from the main campus. The two air conditioner boxes you see there is, I STRESS, for DECORATION PURPOSES only. I mean don’t most places do that? The moment something looks so big and nice but untouched and when done, is said to be kept for low use of power, cost-control, and whatever nonsensical reasons that come along with it? Lecture halls with visible NON-WORKING air conditioners, seats whose sponge is just enough to separate your fatty butts to the plywood on the seat, and all that annoying moments in places you finally thought you can get something out of it.

Talk about “no budget!”

And right beside the school is where we live and work - a makeshift quarters/teacher's lounge.

Anyways, so far, I am liking this place. Of course I am one of the darkest there! Haha! And I speak so alien that everyone else TRY responding to me, haha! But I don’t blame them, I mean, well, communication takes two ways to work. Oh dear, I am going to rot learning the ways here. Hahaha!

After all, ain’t that what we always do? Learning to accommodate, taking in the lifestyle, adjusting to your needs with a little bit of ewws, yucks, “disgusting!” and “oh god!” remarks?


Classes will be starting in about half an hour and I shall take my leave.

Till then, adios! 


  1. It is always fun reading your entries and I must say you have it all written on Words at school and only have the chance to post it online once you get back home?! My last visit I saw A post and now? Hehehe

    1. hahahaaha! thanks izzulu! yeah, u had me right! :D but i think i found a secret to "steal" line. hahahaah! wait up for more!!