Sunday, 24 January 2016

*Hello, is it you* (Adele in the background)

so the person you see next to you is suresh lim. yes, he looks weird in that nonsensical pose, but that's just him. he is going to be 25 this year and born under the proud aquarian clan, this handsome lad (yes, i mean it) is of mixed parentage. 

dad's a teacher while mum's the household manager (you call that housewife, in other words). born in family of 5, this lad is the eldest and is currently a full fledged teacher, posted to a school, which i will soon write another post on it.

this blog, sureshlklwrites4u, is obviously a blog, that aims to capture as much as possible of the sights, scents, thoughts and whatever disgusting things that come along. and yes, despite being a language teacher, this blog will OFFICIALLY disregard any form of grammatical-punctuation-spelling-formatting deformities. as long as you can digest what i write in here, then i believe, that is what that matters.

tomorrow, tuesday 25 Jan 2016, will be my stepping point onto a journey i will learn to love. and yes, i will write on it. after all, when you do not have facebook, instagram, tweeter and whatever network tools that come along with it, blogging will be my escapade, which shall soon be your favourite! ha! talk about rhymes! LOL. anyway, that is all for now. i am also apparently a maths coach for my sister who will battle pt3 this year. till then readers.


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